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Good Community Leaders – Introduction To The Characteristics They Are Known To Possess

If you are a good leader, surely you know that there are quite a number of things that you have to be or possess in order for you to be considered as one and according to Dwayne Pope Atlanta, the traits that a good community leader has are common across different boundaries like geographical regions, disciplines and professions as well. It has also been said that community leadership is different from any forms of leadership there is due to the uniqueness of their approach and their goals as well. Now that we shared to you about what community leadership is and how it differs from the other types of leadership, to be more precise for the sake of you fully understanding it, community leadership is not about coordinating or managing to be exact. And also, there goes the fact that community leadership does not involve dictating or even imposing the ideas and thoughts that you have into others and vice versa.

An excellent community leader is not only known for his or her superior leadership in any discipline or in any form like responsibility and integrity, there are other traits that are particular with them as well and they are as follows:

One of the traits or characteristics that a superb community leader is known for is their ability to maximize the strength of a person. More often than not, community leaders are seen working with volunteers. You have to realize that community leaders are just normal individuals like all of us, the only different is that they have a role that they have to fill and this role may be due to them stepping forward as they desire to help, or may it be an opportunity given to them by members of the community or perhaps, they are assigned to work with certain people. No matter what kind of situation it was that gave them the role they have to fill, one thing is for sure, community leaders do not really have the luxury to select the people or the community they must work with as their role requires them to meet and interact with others.

The job that community leaders have is to determine the strength as well as the interest of every individual on the team they are handling and make the most use of the talent and skills they have in a manner that will keep the team as engaged as they can be in their work. As for the for the fellow leaders you are working with, it is very important that you make them feel that they are essential in the group, in the community and in the work you are tasked to do as well and that their contributions are significant.

There are other traits that you have to be aware of regarding an excellent community leader like their ability to balance the needs of their leadership group.



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