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The Art of Shoe Designing.

Shoes refer to whatever foot ware one puts in their feet. The main reason for wearing shoes is protection of the foot surface as one is carrying various activities such as hunting, gathering or even walking on uneven surfaces. Shoes can also play the purpose fashion and decoration. Shoes play the role of fashion and decoration when they are designed to be in attractive and complex way. The design for shoes meant for decoration and fashion are very appealing. Well-designed shoes especially those meant for fashion are mainly considered the best shoes for standing out. The design of shoes vary from the manufacturers, designers and also from culture to culture. Some shoes have occurred to be designed in a special way so as to play specific roles. Such shoes include boots designed to carry out mountaineering and skiing.

The choice on what shoe to wear on given day in dependent on a given number of factors. The influencing factors include weather and the type of occasion one is intending to attend. Weather is considered the main variable that affect the choice of shoe. Weather influences the choice of shoe to wear as it affects the soil condition for example if the weather is rainy, the soil surface is likely to be muddy and thus one needs to wear shoes that will tackle the muddy surface. Occasions also influence the type of shoe to wear in a given day. Occasions influence the type of shoe in terms of officially and casualty. Official shoes are shoes acceptable at the work place. Most of the shoes that are considered official have recorded to occur either in brown or black. The casual type of shoes refer to shoes that one puts on when attending games and sports or parties.

Shoes have recorded revolution from simplicity to complexity. The sandal is the only simple shoe in existence in the new age. The sandal is classified as simple as it is made of a thin sole and a simple strap. High fashion shoes made by famous designers may be made of expensive materials, use complex construction and sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars a pair. This shoes occur to be expensive as they are branded. An example of these branded shoes include the Zumba shoes for women.

Leather, wood and canvas are an example of material used to make traditional shoes. Some of the traditional materials used to make shoes are still being used up to date but they have been change. The change in the materials used to design shoes include rubbers, plastics and other petrochemical materials. The human foot is vulnerable to hazards such as rocks and hot surfaces.

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